Saturday was a Fun Day: A Video About Nothing

One path to contentment is learning to see beauty in the ordinary. The only unusual part of this day was the chance to observe an owl close up, at the Whatcom Humane Society. The dogs were in a good mood, the weather was clear, and I had the camera with me. We didn’t do anything special; we just spent time together. This actually is a video about nothing. Nothing, however, becomes something when the time is shared with friends.

3 thoughts on “Saturday was a Fun Day: A Video About Nothing

  1. Thank you both for the kind words!

    Cindy: being a Bullmastiff Fancier gives you an unusual insight to lisving with Iggy. Whatever dog we got to live with us had to be tough enough to stand up to him, but we wanted a smaller dog. Frank is perfect! So glad you like him, too! –Michael

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