Saturday was a Fun Day: A Video About Nothing

One path to contentment is learning to see beauty in the ordinary. The only unusual part of this day was the chance to observe an owl close up, at the Whatcom Humane Society. The dogs were in a good mood, the weather was clear, and I had the camera with me. We didn't do anything … Continue reading Saturday was a Fun Day: A Video About Nothing

Buddy, the First Seeing Eye Dog

Buddy, a female German Shepherd Dog, was the first Seeing Eye dog in the United States of America. Owned by Morris Frank, and bred and trained by Dorothy Harrison Eustis in Switzerland,  Buddy helped Mr. Frank fight for the rights of people with special challenges, including the right to bring service animals into restaurants, onto airplanes, and … Continue reading Buddy, the First Seeing Eye Dog

Poll: Do dogs feel love?

Polling is now closed. Results: Descarte was right; animals are not sentient beings: 1 Gertrude was right; animals recognize others, so are sentient: 9 It is more complicated than that/undecided: 2  What I found interesting about this post was that it had ~80 views, but only 12 people voted. When Rene Descarte posited "I think, … Continue reading Poll: Do dogs feel love?

Sidecar Sidekick

Chris Larson has been my friend for over twenty years, and while I do not see him often, it is always interesting to hear what he is doing. Chris has a special excitement about life. In preparing this article, and reflecting on my friendship with Chris, I realized that I have never known him to … Continue reading Sidecar Sidekick

St. Guinefort the Heretic

Guinefort was a French greyhound who lived in the 12th century. By the 13th century, The Inquisitor Etienne de Bourbon discovered a sort of cult that had grown up around the dog's legend. Inquisitor Etienne died in 1268. This is from a modern translation of Anecdotes historiques…d'Étienne de Bourbon: “…I made inquiries and at last heard that … Continue reading St. Guinefort the Heretic

You Knowses No Zoonoses, While You Knowses Lysozome: Why I Kiss Dogs

Zoonoses are diseases which are transferrable between humans and other kinds of animals. Though there are many zoonoses, some of which are fairly common amongst humans, the actual occurrence of inter-species transference to people from pets is quite rare. When one narrows the question a little further, and asks the likelihood of catching a deadly … Continue reading You Knowses No Zoonoses, While You Knowses Lysozome: Why I Kiss Dogs

Stumpy, Hero of World War 1

Stumpy, either an Old Boston bulldog or a pitbull/Boston Terrier cross, was smuggled aboard a troop transport by his owner, John Robert Conroy. While in Europe, Stumpy lived and fought with the 102nd Infantry as one of the soldiers. Stumpy distinguished himself as a brave and stalwart companion: tenacious in battle, and loving in rest. While … Continue reading Stumpy, Hero of World War 1

Wait for Me, or Stay There! Separating the two cues wait and stay is not an absolute necessity, of course. Many will just have one standard stay cue to mean “remain where you are and in that position until I release you or tell you to do something else.” This is an adequate way of doing things, but separating the … Continue reading Wait for Me, or Stay There!