Friends & Family Special

Friends & Family Special 

A different kind of class, with a curriculum designed especially for you and your group. While many dog training classes allow 6 or even 8 dogs in a class, I often prefer to have just 4-5. In fact, I can potentially run this style class with only 3 dogs; it is up to you and the group you bring. I generally recommend 4-5 weeks, and each week costs $100. Not per dog, but divided among your group. Basics and manners, obstacle course and basic or advanced skills, intermediate to advanced leash walking and heeling skills, or impulse control / wait /stay would all be very appropriate options — but perhaps there is something in particular your group wants. Want to wow a talent show? Let’s put together a 4 dog drill team with synchronized spin, down & over… Let me design a class just for you.

cost: $100 per class meeting, divided among your group (I can bill the group, or individually).  Example: a class that meets for one session each Monday for 4 weeks would cost a total of $400.00. 4 students = $100/each. 3 students = $133.00 each student.

Minimum 3 weeks and 3  dogs, please. Maximum 5 dogs, please.

Please complete one form for each dog: