Indoor Obstacle Course




This 4-week class is designed to help our dogs and handlers work as a team, continue developing their trusting relationship, and get a good mental and physical workout. We will utilize some agility equipment, some exercise equipment, some household items, and our imaginations, to create indoor obstacle courses for our dogs. We will take turns running our dogs through the courses in class. Because this class will meet in a small confined space, it is important our dogs be fairly social.

What to bring: high value, non-crumbly food rewards, 6-foot leash, harness or flat (non-slip) collar, tug toy or other favorite toy (optional). All respectful, well-behaved humans are welcome, but because of the nature of this class, infants and toddlers are probably not a good fit.

What not to bring: choke chains, slip collars, prong collars, or shock collars. Please do not come to class with any of these devices, or any other device meant to cause discomfort to a dog.

Prerequisites: some basics skills (sit, wait, with me or heel, or other similar skills), and any reward-based training class.

Health requirements:   All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations, or titer tests.

Registration:  Register via email or on-line form, reserve via invoiced pre-payment.

Class size: 5 dogs, maximum

Cost: $125

This session of class will meet at the petStop warehouse, in Sehome Village. Bathrooms available in the store, but not in the training space.





This will be a small class (maximum 4 dogs) in a confined space, so it important that all dogs be fairly social.