Private Lessons



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Private Lessons

Bellingham, Whatcom County

Now booking for January, 2019.

Please note: private lesson rate is increasing to $90 starting January 1, 2019.

Private lessons : 1st lesson: $90.  follow-up lessons: $90/session (usually about an hour). I accept cash or check.

If you wish to pay by card, I can invoice prior to the lesson, via email. Please let me know in advance.

Private lessons require completion of the Dog Guy Lesson Form:

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If form is complete, please select a lesson time on the booking calendar:                                                                                                                                                        Book an Appointment

Please call or email for general information, or with any questions at all.

Most lessons will be conducted in my training space in Bellingham. Some lessons may also be in your home, or outdoor locations as appropriate or necessary.

What to bring: standard leash (6 foot, not retractable), harness or flat collar (please don’t bring dog on choke chain or prong collar), yummy training rewards your dog can eat lots of, a treat pouch, fanny pack, or pocket — some way to carry them that is ot in a bag held in your hand. If your dog will work for a toy, feel free to bring that, too.

Small driving fee may apply to outlying areas.

Private lessons are usually the best dog-training method to address common, and uncommon, behavioral issues. Every lesson is different, and dependent not only on the behaviors or emotions you want to increase, decrease, or change, but also how I can help you and your dog, specifically. What would you like to change? What would you like to teach your dog to do? I can help! Private lessons are also an excellent way to learn new skills quickly, or to rapidly increase the reliability of skills already learned.

Classes, and most private lessons, are conducted at The Dog Guy Training Space:

3610 McAlpine Road.

Please keep your dog on leash in the parking area, but you’re welcome to let them sniff, pee, and do their own business along the bushes or on the grass.