The Feats of LOOUNCH, All-American Bull Terrier!

It is the nature of alien abductions that one feels confused for an indeterminate time after being returned to Earth. It should not be surprising, then, that it is not clear if LOOUNCH is immortal, or a time traveler. Perhaps there is little difference. Whatever the case, or the reason, there can be no arguing that since LOOUNCH’s abduction by aliens, little has made sense back on our home planet. Here at Positive Canine Guidance, we have been combing photographic records both public and private, and we finally have the evidence to prove that LOOUNCH has the power to transfer his molecules between the dimensions of time and space. Not since Remo Williams has an American Hero of this caliber appeared: Rock musician of inestimable talent and influence, and secret agent and saboteur,  Positive Canine Canine Guidance is proud to present: The Feats of LOOUNCH!

Only an alien influence could produce such cuteness.
Time-traveling to influence history in favor of the United States of America!
Jamming with Seattle rock legends The Heat(er)s, an important American band!
Patton and Chief Advisor for USA forces in the European Theater, LOOUNCH
Once LOOUNCH joined the Egyptian protests, President Mubarak knew it was time to go...
LOOUNCH came home for a shot of American tiger blood before his next mission...
American Secret Agent LOOUNCH in Libya, inspecting the tanks.


Japan's Tsunami caught even LOOUNCH by surprise.
Moammar thinks Double Agent LOOUNCH is his friend... this can only end one way.
Back in his beloved USA, LOOUNCH relaxes in a rare peaceful moment.


6 thoughts on “The Feats of LOOUNCH, All-American Bull Terrier!

  1. Loouch is one busy pooch. It’s a good thing he’s sending back reports from his time & distance travels. Maybe he’ll uncover great secrets of the universe during today’s blog hop.

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