Rudy the Rottweiler’s Story, pt. 2

  Rudy lived at the shelter from July 5th until October 2nd, three months altogether. The staff there did a remarkable job of working with him, comforting him, and getting him used to being touched. The people at the shelter didn’t just let him languish in his run – when time and circumstances allowed, they … Continue reading Rudy the Rottweiler’s Story, pt. 2

The Feats of LOOUNCH, All-American Bull Terrier!

It is the nature of alien abductions that one feels confused for an indeterminate time after being returned to Earth. It should not be surprising, then, that it is not clear if LOOUNCH is immortal, or a time traveler. Perhaps there is little difference. Whatever the case, or the reason, there can be no arguing … Continue reading The Feats of LOOUNCH, All-American Bull Terrier!

Buddy, the First Seeing Eye Dog

Buddy, a female German Shepherd Dog, was the first Seeing Eye dog in the United States of America. Owned by Morris Frank, and bred and trained by Dorothy Harrison Eustis in Switzerland,  Buddy helped Mr. Frank fight for the rights of people with special challenges, including the right to bring service animals into restaurants, onto airplanes, and … Continue reading Buddy, the First Seeing Eye Dog

Rollo, Jack London’s inspiration.

Rollo, a medium-sized piebald mix-breed, was Jack London's playful childhood companion, and taught him that dogs feel "instinct, sensation, and emotion, and are capable of  simple reasoning." In his essay "The Other Animals", London credits Rollo with inspiring him to look deeper for the possibilities in dogs, and helped form the basis for his classics Call of … Continue reading Rollo, Jack London’s inspiration.

St. Guinefort the Heretic

Guinefort was a French greyhound who lived in the 12th century. By the 13th century, The Inquisitor Etienne de Bourbon discovered a sort of cult that had grown up around the dog's legend. Inquisitor Etienne died in 1268. This is from a modern translation of Anecdotes historiques…d'Étienne de Bourbon: “…I made inquiries and at last heard that … Continue reading St. Guinefort the Heretic

Stumpy, Hero of World War 1

Stumpy, either an Old Boston bulldog or a pitbull/Boston Terrier cross, was smuggled aboard a troop transport by his owner, John Robert Conroy. While in Europe, Stumpy lived and fought with the 102nd Infantry as one of the soldiers. Stumpy distinguished himself as a brave and stalwart companion: tenacious in battle, and loving in rest. While … Continue reading Stumpy, Hero of World War 1

Notable Dogs: Etah, First to the South Pole

Raold Amundsen led the first successful excursion to the South Pole, and leading him was a Samoyed or Greenland bitch named Etah. Among the factors contributing to Amundsen's success was the decision to use dogs for transportation, which were eschewed by his main competitor, Robert Falcon Scott, as being undignified.  Etah has been claimed by … Continue reading Notable Dogs: Etah, First to the South Pole