The World Might be a Better Place

The world might be a better place if more people watched these videos. They are cute and sweet, certainly, like so many dog videos on the internet. They also demonstrate something about the potential for dogs to do surprising and wonderful things, when guided by thoughtful and loving stewardship. I have watched these videos many … Continue reading The World Might be a Better Place

Pia, Iggy, and an Understanding

Powered by Linky ToolsClick here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list... Pia was not sure about Iggy when he first came to live with us. She worked with him often, and he came to respect her as much as she came to love him. They have come to an understanding. This … Continue reading Pia, Iggy, and an Understanding

Saturday was a Fun Day: A Video About Nothing

One path to contentment is learning to see beauty in the ordinary. The only unusual part of this day was the chance to observe an owl close up, at the Whatcom Humane Society. The dogs were in a good mood, the weather was clear, and I had the camera with me. We didn't do anything … Continue reading Saturday was a Fun Day: A Video About Nothing

Out for a Walk, or Off to War? This video is meant to illustrate one way to learn a behavior called “loose-leash walking”. There are many ways to learn this -- if you have a method that is already working well for you, and doesn’t involve hurting your dog in any way, then cheers! I call the game that we play to … Continue reading Out for a Walk, or Off to War?

Wait for Me, or Stay There! Separating the two cues wait and stay is not an absolute necessity, of course. Many will just have one standard stay cue to mean “remain where you are and in that position until I release you or tell you to do something else.” This is an adequate way of doing things, but separating the … Continue reading Wait for Me, or Stay There!

WHS+BBB=Rabbit Haven Ed, Janet, and Casey, the triumvirate that guides Boundary Bay Brewery, happily allow the brewery vans to be used for transporting shelter animals along the delivery routes.  I am careful to adjust my hours so that Boundary is not paying wages for my volunteer time,  the animals get a much-needed ride, and we all … Continue reading WHS+BBB=Rabbit Haven

Lie Down and Be Calm for Meals

Lie Down and be Calm for Meals This behavior actually incorporates several tricks, and also requires the dog to exhibit a calm demeanor. This was relatively easy to achieve with Iggy, but a little challenging when working with Frankie. Frankie was slightly possessive of his food, generally more excitable than Iggy, and had a hard … Continue reading Lie Down and Be Calm for Meals