Three Months with Curtis the CRDAS

Three months ago I created this post: A Device to Help Us Help Our Dogs in The Car. About a month after I started using the Conditioner and Reinforcement Delivery Apparatus System (CRDAS, or “Curtis” for short), I gave up on the BOWL portion of the device. I tried various attachment methods, and either Rudy or Zane broke everyone of them, or broke the bowl itself, and I found it didn’t really matter if the morsels just fell onto the seat — the effect was achieved. In fact, sometimes having the dogs rooting around for the food was of benefit.

A happy accident occurred when Rudy broke the zip ties attaching the bottom of Curtis to the partition — the nozzle stuck out more, and now the dogs even put their mouth right on the nozzle end when they get stressed. “This is scary; is food coming?” I have sacrificed a cup holder in which I keep Ziwi Peak air-dried venison, dried apples, and chopped up Yummy Chummy salmon treats. Reactions to pretty much everything have improved dramatically: bikes, skateboards, other dogs, they all clue in Rudy and/or Zane that Curtis is ready to dispense the venison/apple/salmon melange.

The most exciting part of all this for me, personally, and the only part I can really get video of without a whole crew, is that I can now go through drive through windows with Rudy in the car!!! He has lived with me for over two years, and I can finally take advantage of drive through convenience with my dog Rudy in the car. We practiced at first at drive-throughs that were closed, then at Bank drive through that were automated, where the teller isn’t right there, and we can now even get coffee and bagels at the drive through, with the barista reaching toward the car!!! It is a new dawn, a new day!!!

Several folks have suggested patents and marketing strategies. I am grateful and flattered, but I really do invite folks to make this kind of thing themselves, and several companies have marketed electronic devises that deliver food (Treat & Train and others). For my version of the CRDAS, I used a flexible nozzle (NEVER used for anything else, and washed thoroughly before this application) from a gas can, a funnel I cut the narrowest part of off,  about 5 zip ties, and several inches of masking tape. I would love it if folks made their own and shared the results with me! Here is some video of Rudy at the bank and coffee stand.

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