Dog Training, Part 1

Dog Training, Part 1 Most dog training deals with behavior that is a result of the individual’s history of consequence. If a dog sits, and that behavior is reinforced with the consequence of a delicious morsel, she is more likely to sit again. If she jumps on a person, and that behavior is punished by … Continue reading Dog Training, Part 1

Pippa’s Journey

Part One: Pippa Comes to Whatcom Humane Society Pippa was raised from a puppy by a family who no doubt meant well, but due to a lack of education, and misinformation, used punitive training methods. Pippa wore a choke chain, and when she didn't respond at a rate that satisfied her people, they switched to … Continue reading Pippa’s Journey

Three Months with Curtis the CRDAS

Three months ago I created this post: A Device to Help Us Help Our Dogs in The Car. About a month after I started using the Conditioner and Reinforcement Delivery Apparatus System (CRDAS, or “Curtis” for short), I gave up on the BOWL portion of the device. I tried various attachment methods, and either Rudy or Zane … Continue reading Three Months with Curtis the CRDAS

A device to help us help dogs in the car

I love the way I have my wagon set up, with the back seat enclosed for the dogs. It keeps them from flying into the front seat in case of an accident, allows me to roll my front windows all the way down safely, and affords many other safety and security advantages. But the arrangement … Continue reading A device to help us help dogs in the car

Lassie, Maslow, Timmy, and, Well, a Well

Abraham Maslow proposed a way of organizing human needs into a hierarchy, a sort of if/then logic ladder, and this way of thinking can be  illuminating when considering a dog’s needs and potentials. The levels in this hierarchy of Maslow’s are as follows: the necessary physiological components for survival; the assurance of one's immediate safety; positive … Continue reading Lassie, Maslow, Timmy, and, Well, a Well