petStop Natural Pet Pantry Yardbird Chicken Training Video

petStop is a local pet shop owned and staffed by animal lovers. They do not sell animals. Not puppies, not kittens, and not ferrets, hamsters, or birds.  The people who work there take an interest in the pets people are shopping for, and they are always cheerful and happy to help find the right product for your pet. They actually know about the products they sell!

The nice folks who own the petStop sometimes ask Tails-A-Wagging to test a product by having the day care or obedience dogs try it. In this instance, Tails asked me to test the Natural Pet Pantry Yardbird Dried Chicken as a training reward. Iggy and Frankie looooooved it. I love the idea of a high-value reward produced in Burien (just 90 miles south of my house).

The most challenging part of making this video was getting the dogs to look lackadaisical in the beginning. What I did was give them confusing hand signals — notice my sit cue for Iggy is very imprecise and lethargic, and my swing cue is almost flailing; Iggy goes to his platform because he doesn’t know what else to do. Frankie was so disgusted he just walked away. The lesson here is that our dogs crave, and reward, consistency from their people. Once I became clear in my verbal requests, and precise in my gestures, they responded in kind. The chicken helped, too!

petStop is located in Shome Village, just a few doors down from REI.



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