My Bullmastiff Pooped in My Bed

It is tempting to pretend nothing unexpected or unfortunate ever occurs with my dogs. I proclaim now, with no little modesty or humility, this is not the actual fact: if I have any expertise, or at least some small familiarity, with the care, feeding, and training of dogs, it has led me to understand unexpected … Continue reading My Bullmastiff Pooped in My Bed

Coyote Poop, Mud, Sunshine

Wonderful off-leash walk today on trail network between Fairhaven park and I-5.  It was muddy but sunny, and we saw lots of  coyote sign, several other dogs, nice people, and Frank and Igg were were very good and very happy. They woke up briefly to eat and go outside, but have otherwise been asleep all day and … Continue reading Coyote Poop, Mud, Sunshine

And This Dog Can Sing

It is not that I am a liar, exactly; it is more that I am a teller of stories. It is this habit which caused some of my friends and family to doubt me when I tell them of my more remarkable experiences (even the ones which are completely true), and that consequence which has made … Continue reading And This Dog Can Sing

Ten Months

Two Journal Entries, 10 months Apart Saturday, February 6th, 2010, evening. We adopted Frankie on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010, from the Whatcom Humane Society. Kathleen, Krista, Emily, and Marian all helped us end up with him – I am afraid we were the most careful of adopters. I also asked Angi at Tails  for advice … Continue reading Ten Months